KAYA (Pain Relief Products)

Ojas Kaya follows the ancient wisdom of Indian science of Ayurveda in creating Pain Relief Products using naturally grown fresh Thai medicinal herbs, truly a fusion product. Its tested healing properties promises to liberate you to a state of bliss – Integrity of Body and Mind. Technological advancement brings about a sedentary lifestyles couple this with lack of regular exercise and we see our body falling victim to muscle cramps, pains and aches commonly in the neck, shoulder and back areas. Pain Relief Oil or Cool Formula Spray is effective in relaxing tensed muscles almost instantly or within few applications in case of prolonged symptoms. Varicose Veins Relief Oil is an Aromatherapy oil used specifically to treat the swelling veins to reduce pain and discomfort.

Medicated Skin Moisturiser


Pain Relief Oil


Pain Relief Spray


Varicose Vein Oil

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